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The above link is for the replica watches I want with the cheaper movement inside, I just need the link for the replica watches on the site where the cheaper model is. I hope to send you the pictures of my broken replica watches on Tuesday. The link to pay for the replica watches I want does not include discount you offered me. You said to me you would give me a further 30% discount if I ordered new swiss replica watches, so that you can send me replacement screws for my broken strap of the replica watches sale. I want to make my order now but there is no where on the payment area to make a comment about you are to send me a new strap/ screws to repair my other replica watches sale. Plus I cannot see anywhere that confirms that I am not being sent the wrong swiss replica watches! I want to know that I am getting the swiss replica watches I want, what shall I do ? Here are two pictures of the new swiss replica watches I want to order in Gold, with the discount USD50.

This is not acceptable. You told me already you received my replica watches sale package as below. You do not need to repair or send back these particular replica watches sale but you agreed to send me the new swiss replica watches sale. I am unhappy this has taken so long. I am also now moving house to a new address. The best thing will be for you to refund my money please. You can send via my Paypal with my email as above. Previously I was happy with your firm but you have sent me rubbish swiss replica watches sale and very poor service.